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I'm Max.

I am lucky enough to get to work with many incredible people within the vibrant city of Boston and throughout the dynamic region of New England. People and the arts are what I have built my life around. Art is powerful and can be used to build and unite communities. As the newly appointed Vice President of the Independent School Art Instructors Association (ISAIA), I will develop opportunities, expand visibility, and promote arts education. 

For students, this means empowering their creative voice and analytical eye while building their artistic skill set so that they can confidently express their beliefs. As an educator and lifelong learner, I believe in a holistic approach to community-based learning, and I have a sincere reverence for the classroom and all engaged within it. I find that it would be impossible for me to fully convey my pedagogical beliefs in a short 'about' section. For those of you who share my passion for education and seek a deeper understanding of my approach to teaching, I encourage you to read my Teaching Philosophy in the EDU section of my website for a more comprehensive view of my teaching practice. 

The power of art and community extends to businesses as well. To harness this power, commercial work needs to reveal the heart, soul, and culture of the people, product, or company. Photography is most compelling when it is a distillation of a greater essence. I hope this sentiment resonates with you and that you consider this while browsing my portfolios. I have two portfolios organized for you to explore: personal projects and commercial works. These distinct portfolios grow together, each reflecting a piece of my creative journey. The personal projects are my playground and provide me the space in which to experiment with new ideas, techniques, and technologies. This continuous exploration keeps my work on the cutting edge and maintains a unique perspective for my commercial campaigns.

Creative evolution is particularly vital in the hospitality industry, where I have crafted successful marketing and rebranding campaigns for restaurant groups that need to stand out amidst a sea of choices. To raise customer awareness, I first examine the brand's vitality and discover the authentic narratives that give life to said product. Next, I collaborate with my client to develop a concept and establish a guiding vision and creative direction. What is the story you want to tell? Once these are all decided, I get to work making images that allow the viewer to step into the meticulously designed spaces that foster that story; I dynamically light edible scenes to showcase culinary experiences that transcend the sum of their ingredients and produce memorable portraits that honor the efforts and influence of the people who give the brand its heartbeat. 

     What is it like to be in your world?
     What is your essence? 

These are stories I’d love to help you share,




Tufts University, BFA

School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Studio Diploma

Awards & Nominations

Yousuf Karsh Award for Excellence in Photography​

Nominated Vice President of ISAIA 23'

Scholastics National Educator Award 20', 21', 22'

Tufts University, Presidents Award 17', 18'

School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Presidents Award 15', 16' 

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